So i’ve decided to open my first commissions here because it’s finally summer and i’m really short on money (due to spraining my ankle, breaking my laptop and other ridiculous accidents, and the fact that i’ve been living on my own since october).


  • Payment through PayPal
  • I will not draw porn/furries/ponies etc.
  • Please contact me via my askbox (maria-tries or yet-intrepid), any questions and negotiation are okay!
  • I send full resolution pics via e-mail. I’ll also ask if you’re okay with publishing your commission on my artblog.

Please reblog to boost! Thank you very much!

Hello lovelies,

as you probably already know, we hadn’t had a lot of time for updates so the majority of your asks were left unanswered.

Another reason for our inactivity was slightly different – for some time we have felt that we want to do something new with this askblog.

Soo, from now on, we’re going to draw our three dorks in more of a domestic AU setting. Many things won’t change, some that will:

  • Gilbert, Antonio and Francis are lifelong buds trying to settle down after centuries
  • our ships (fruk, spamano, pruhun) will get more canon-ish
  • America and Canada are kids and Arthur and Francis are taking care of them respectively
  • everyone’s a big family and everyone’s happy

We’re considering disabling anon temporarily so we’d really appreciate if your future asks were related to this AU!!!!

That’s about it, happy Easter!

- M+M

Awesomely, of course.

Anonymous said: Not gonna lie, near each time I see BTT I for think "Butt Touch Trio", and I have no idea why

You know what, this might actually be better than the original…

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bikegender said: has anyone suggested a less offensive name for this blog, as "bad touch" trio implies the pervert-pedophile-rapist dynamic so many awful fans pin to these three?

Hmm, well, to be honest, we’re not fans of this name either. We didn’t come up with it, fandom sort of did and this is how they are recognized now… the only real alternative is “bad friends trio” which is, well, pretty much the PG13 version of “bad touch trio”. If anyone has some ideas on it, we’d love to hear!

That being said, we do not even remotely portray any of the characters as perverts/pedophiles/rapists.

swoots-and-poots said: hello~ i am a new follower of yours, and i was wondering what the BTT thought of they're given... flaws? (france is a rapist, etc.) i think it's really dumb of them to assume that, plus rape is NOT A JOKE. so i was wondering what muns thought?

Aside from the fact that there are some things you just don’t joke about at all, I find interpreting France as a rapist (which certain people find… extremally funny? Idk if I really thought a character was a rapist I would hate his guts, not consider it cute and funny…) insulting to the character. Throughout the series we find that Francis is one of the more complex and sensitive characters (with the whole Lisa arc, for instance). Reducing him to an “anime creep”, if not worse is just… shallow, man.

Yo guys. Not a lot of time on our hands lately, so I’ll just answer some OOC questions today. Try to understand that uni comes before the blog and lack of updates is really not specifically designed to make your life suck (we’ve received a couple of anons which makes me think that some people believe that).


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Have a good one. Cheers.

a+ choice of words, nonnie.